The Importance of Tramp Oil Separator Equipment

If you run a machine shop or metalworking business, you are probably familiar with sump or tramp oil. It can present a number of problems to businesses today and the need for an effective tramp oil separator is very important. Here is more about this problem and things you can do about it.

What is Sump Fluid?

When a machinist grinds, bores or cuts a work piece, coolant and lubricant is often required. The lubricant forms a protective film on the metal and as the coolant is applied, these two fluids become mixed. During the process of machining, fluid becomes contaminated with filings or cuttings. Once the fluid has been used you can usually see an outer skin or film on the surface of the coolant. This is what is known as tramp or sump oil and a tramp oil separator effectively removes the oil from the coolant. This by-product can come from hydraulic oil leaks or one of several lubricants used in metalworking.

Problems with Sump Fluid

Sump fluid can speed up the process of corrosion and this can be bad for many parts in a machine shop. In addition, contaminants in a fluid system can affect the cleaning ability of detergent additives and this can cause staining and other problems. Plus, it may affect the lubricating ability of oils. A tramp oil separator can prevent this.

Worker Safety and Sump Fluid

Contaminants in fluids can be a source of irritation for some people. In fact, some workers may be very allergic and this can create rashes, itching and other allergy related problems. It can make some people ill, and may contribute to absenteeism and lower work production.

Air Contamination

Sump oil can sometimes cause unpleasant vapors to be released into the air. If this contaminant coats a hot piece of metal it may burn and cause smoke. This may irritate the eyes and nasal passages of workers and can be a respiratory hazard. In fact, a haze or mist may spread throughout a facility and affect a lot of people over time. Stop this from happening with a tramp oil separator.

You Might Not Be Aware

A standard filtration and recovery system may remove some tramp oil but not all of it and this can be more troublesome than having no recovery system in place. Contaminants can cause a great deal of maintenance problems over time and interfere with quality and production. The problem can be eliminated or greatly reduced by installing a tramp oil separator. It will make filtration systems more effective and can increase overall efficiency.

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