Child Custody Lawyers in St. Charles, IL Can Help Parents Protect the Child’s Interests

Divorces are very stressful even under the best circumstances, and custody battles can add complexity and pain to the process. While custody is not guaranteed even with the help of child custody lawyers in St. Charles, IL, the five tips below can help a parent make the best case for full child custody.

Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Nothing will make a parent lose custody faster than a brush with the law. Even something as seemingly innocuous as a speeding ticket can be considered child endangerment. Showing a potential for endangerment will typically encourage CPS or the court to remove the child from the parent’s care.

Do What’s Possible to Look Favorable to the Court

Being punctual, dressing appropriately and having all necessary documents can prove that a parent respects the court and is determined to keep the family together. A person who comes to a custody hearing prepared, informed and ready to plead their case is treated more favorably than a parent who treats the proceedings as an afterthought.

Consider the Child’s Wishes

In some areas, judges consider the child’s preferences when determining custody. This does not necessarily mean that the child will get their wish, but the child’s comfort level can be a significant part of the decision-making process. It is the court’s job to protect the child’s well-being and safety, and their opinion is important.

Keep Things Civil

Being kind and polite to the ex-spouse can impress the judge. Regardless of the acrimonious nature of the divorce, parents should keep it civil when in court. By maturely and calmly discussing matters of children’s health, education and needs, parents can make themselves seem like an appropriate choice for custody.

Protect the Child’s Interests

In the end, the judge’s job is to decide which parent gets primary custody. All decisions are made in the child’s best interest, and judges consider each parent’s history, proximity to the child’s school, and their status as caretakers. If either parent has a history of abuse or molestation, they will not gain custody.

If a parent is going through a custody dispute, child custody lawyers in St. Charles, IL can help. Custody battles are no fun, but ensuring that the court has the information needed to make a decision is important. The attorneys at  have handled many child custody matters, and they can provide the representation a parent needs.

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