The Health Benefits of Eating Flowers From the Hibiscus Tree

While most people know that making plants a large part of their diet is very healthy, they may not consider eating flowers a part of this same diet. However, eating flowers such as those found on a hibiscus tree in Florida can be very nutritious. Here are a few of the health benefits one can expect from them.

Low Cholesterol
chemicals that naturally occur in the plant called saponins bind to the LDL cholesterol found within the body and work to block the body from absorbing it. On the flip side, the chemicals also work to raise the HDL cholesterol, which is known to be healthful toward the body.

Weight Loss
Clinical research has shown that hibiscus is filled with minerals that block the absorption of both carbohydrates and fat. This, in turn, ensures that weight loss follows. It is no secret that maintaining a healthy weight goes a long way toward leading a healthy lifestyle.

The flowers found on the hibiscus tree in Florida have been found to contain polyphenols. These chemicals protect the brain and enhance blood flow within the organ. These enhancements work to prevent the symptoms which coincide with depression.

Healthy Hair
There has also been anecdotal evidence suggesting that crushing the dried flowers of the hibiscus tree and using it as a paste to clean the hair has the dual effect of strengthening it and activating the follicles at their base to enhance hair growth.

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