Multi-Functional Hybrid Two-Dimension QR and Barcode Scanners

Hybrid two-dimension code scanners that implement LED lighting and laser light area-indication can read both barcode and QR 2D code. Because both the reading area and center view are consequently easily recognizable, these scanners work at high speed and improve work efficiency.

High Performance Scanners

2D code scanners use a specialized image processing capability that allows them to scan faint, damaged or obscured barcodes. They also implement high-speed shutters that can function despite camera shake while reading from any angle.

Improved Reading Capability

The scanners recognize more horizontal pixels and use more advanced reading algorithms that improve scanning of medical bills, utility bills and more. The reading engine can also handle a 0.125 mm 1D-barcode resolution and a 0.167 mm 2D-barcode resolution, making the scanners suitable for shops, hospitals, plants and many more applications.

Multi-Row Barcode Reading

Advanced designs allow these 2D code scanners to read two-row book barcodes and as many as three rows for other barcodes. The drop in consecutive reads can greatly reduce the working hours required.

An additional mode also allows for linked QR code batch scanning, and the point scanning mode permits pinpoint reading even in multi-barcode areas.

Additional Features

Two-dimension code scanners with updated LED-illumination control can mitigate specular reflection from LCD screens, allowing them to read barcodes from mobile devices. They can also offer eye-friendly LED markers and high-detail image capture for items like shipping bills.

To learn more about 2D code scanners, contact DENSO ADC, the leading innovator in industrial technology and robotics since the mid-1960s, at today.

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