Successfully Buying and Selling Used Thermo Fisher Instruments

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Laboratory Equipments

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Thermo Fisher Instruments is one of the most reputable medical equipment suppliers. They provide the medical industry with a variety of equipment, including DNA, hematology, and chemistry analyzers capable of performing tests needed in various medical industries. This equipment is vital for medical clinics and hospitals in the care of their patients. Used Thermo Fisher Instruments can be easily purchased from resale and used equipment sellers.

A resale company will list their products and connect you to the original vendor. Each listing will have the vendor’s information, equipment capabilities, necessary operational training, and other information relevant to the sale. Although the resale company will manage its individual listings, transactions will usually occur directly between buyers and sellers.

Buying Medical Equipment
When looking to buy used Thermo Fisher Instruments, contact vendors directly after checking the listing and product information. They will provide information about their sale’s past use, operation, and other factors pertaining to the sale. Research their past transaction history and other legal issues pertaining to their company. If their equipment has been sent to customers without being cleaned or inspected for potential defects, consider looking for another vendor. The lowest price does not always correlate to the best quality.

Proper Selling Behavior
Selling your used Thermo Fisher Instruments requires as much vigilance as the buying process. Before making a listing, you must check if your equipment is still current and compliant with safety and operation standards. Your equipment needs to be properly sanitized before it can be sold to another practice, and all existing data must be removed from computerized machinery. If you are selling through a middleman, check their listing and service fees for any extra charges or restricting terms. They may request a portion of your total asking price upon conditional inspection.

When selling directly to a client, establish a contract with them to solidify terms of sale and payment. Be sure to charge the full price upfront. Asking for a percentage of the total cost upon conditional inspection creates a loophole where you could lose up to half of your total asking price. Establishing a clear contract prevents any loss of profits and ensures you are paid in full for your old equipment.