Storage Space & Office Lease in Newnan, GA

Looking for a clean, secure and safe space to store your personal items can sometimes be difficult. In Newnan, GA and Sharpsburg, GA there is an easy fix to this issue. Greison Storage offers three different convenient locations which provide the most comprehensive storage areas with over one thousand units of varying sizes. Both traditional storage areas as well as climate controlled units are available. climate controlled storage areas are great for any sensitive items that need to be kept at a certain temperature. Greison Storage offers units that range from 5×10 to 20×30 so that any belongings you need to put in storage can be accommodated. Belongings can be stored however long you like. One year leases and flexible month to month agreements are available with competitive rates so that customers get the best value in their storage unit.

The process of moving homes can sometimes be difficult as well, and a good storage unit can take the stress out of this problem. To further assist in your moving process, various moving supplies can be purchased from Greison Storage. To ensure that belongings in storage are kept safe, on-site management is always present, with friendly and professional assistance. 24-hour surveillance video cameras and computerized security systems also help to ensure your belongings are kept safe. Video surveillance is used to prevent any potential issues and to be used for evidence purposes, if necessary. Office Lease in Newnan, GA can also be handled by Greison Storage. Office Lease at Greison Storage makes life easier by offering office spaces at two beautiful locations at Greison Park and Cates Crossing. Both office locations are within convenient distance of Piedmont Hospital and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Finding a good location to place a business can be a critical factor in the businesses success. The office locations are in a professional park style area.

There are plenty of restaurants and shopping areas at a convenient distance from the office locations as well. So when searching for a space to put your personal belongings or establish your business, Greison Storage is an excellent choice.

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