Signs Your Home Needs Residential Septic Tank Repair in Findlay Ohio

8A septic tank allows the wastewater from a home to be safely ushered away so it does not cause problems for a home’s occupants or the groundwater supply. Septic tanks need routine maintenance to make sure they do not overflow or become clogged. When repair issues are present, a homeowner needs to make sure they know what to look for so they will know to seek the professionals for Residential Septic Tank Repair in Findlay Ohio.

Signs of Septic Tank Issues

When a septic tank begins experiencing issues, it is essential a homeowner calls in the professionals for Residential Septic Tank Repair in Findlay Ohio. The following are some of the signs homeowners should look for to know if they need repairs.

  • Gurgling sounds coming from the pipes is a sure sign there is a blockage in the septic tank line. This sound occurs because the wastewater cannot move efficiently through the pipes.
  • Drains that are slow to drain need to be checked, especially if they are occurring throughout the home. When there are multiple drains being affected, this could be caused by a failing septic tank system.
  • Toilets will often tell a homeowner there are problems with a septic tank system. If multiple toilets are becoming clogged on a regular basis, it is time to have the septic tank checked right away.
  • When a homeowner notices a strong smell of rotten eggs in their drains, toilets, or backyard, this often means there is a septic tank issue to blame. This horrid smell comes from the raw sewage leaking into the yard or back into the drains.
  • Homeowners may notice the grass over their septic tank area begins to grow lusher and greener. When this happens, it is often because of the raw sewage leaking out and offering “fertilizer” to the grass.

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