Signs that it is Time to Move to a Retirement Home in Putnam

by | Apr 4, 2014 | Healthcare

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The decision to help an aging parent move out of their home and into an assisted living community is a complex one. Although, you hate to be the one to make the decision to move your parent out of their current home, sometimes you just have no other choice. Below you will find some signs that your aging parent needs to make a change. When searching for a Retirement Home Putnam residents need to make sure that the home they choose is reputable, well respected in the community, and somewhere that their parents will be happy.


Recent Accidents or Close Calls


Accidents do happen, but as your parents get older, they start to happen more frequently. If your parent has been in a slip and fall recently or got in a minor fender bender, then it might be time to start checking into assisted living.


Slow Recovery


If it is taking your loved one longer to recover from colds, the flu, or other illnesses, then it might be time to start preparing them for a move to assisted living. If it takes them longer to make an appointment with the doctor when they are sick, this is a sign as well that something needs to be done.


Chronic Health Condition


If your loved one has a chronic health condition that is getting worse, then they will probably need assisted living sooner than even you might think.


Increased Difficulty Managing Every Day Activities


If your loved one is having a hard time managing the little things in life, such as dressing themselves, shopping, or even brushing their teeth, then it’s time to start making plans. They will soon need more and more help and you can’t always be there for them.


Clues aren’t always visible close up, but something that you have to look for, like the reasons above. A few up close signs include:


Noticeable weight loss

Seeming more frail than usual

Noticeable weight gain

A strange body odor

Drastic changes in their appearance


These are just a few of the signs that may mean your loved one needs to move into an assisted living facility. Still, when you are searching for a Retirement Home Putnam residents should take their time and make sure it is a home that you and your loved one can live with. For more information, you can’t contact The Country House today.