How to Let God Share his Intention with You

by | Apr 4, 2014 | Religion

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As a Christian you have faith to allow you to better your life. Faith in God and sharing his love allows you to be open to what God intends for you. This can lead to much happiness and fulfillment in life. A Free Psychic Reading Online can let you see what God’s intention is for you allowing you to be more successful in life.


God’s most important gift is his love. When you understand that God’s love provides all you need in life you will soon see what you need becomes easier and easier to find. Faith allows you to pursue your dreams, find love in life and never want for anything. God’s love encompasses every aspect of your life and allows you to have the confidence to go out into the world and try new things and continue to learn and improve yourself.


This does not mean it is God’s intent for you to get caught up in material things. It simply means that God wants you to be happy. He has provided you with the means to take care of yourself, to love and to enjoy life. He has given you important words to learn from in the bible and in the teachings of Jesus Christ. You can use these basic and simple messages to go into the world and spread his word. The best way to show the beauty of God’s love is to live a life full of happiness.


A free psychic reading online can provide you with insight into your life and what might be keeping you from reaching your full potential. You need to find new ways to enhance your skills, grow confidence and feel you are deserving of love and success. God’s love can provide you with all of these things as when God loves you it is easy to feel you can do anything and get through anything.


When you always do the right thing and feel strong in your faith and belief in God you will always find good comes to you. And even when bad times come to you it will be easier to get past them strong in the belief that God will help you through.


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