Show Your Employees How Much They Are Valued With Corporate Awards In Arlington, VA

by | Aug 1, 2013 | Shopping

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Everybody likes to be acknowledged and employees like to be acknowledged for the hard work that they have accomplished. Giving service and corporate awards is a way of showing that you value and appreciate your employees and the effort that they have given to add to the success of your company. Awards are a way of saying thank you for a job well done.

Why Give Corporate Awards?

When you give corporate awards, you are marketing for your company.

Corporate awards help you to maintain working relationships and help in promoting your company.

corporate and service awards show appreciation to valued employees, clients and customers who have participated in the growth of your company.

Give corporate and service awards as a source of motivation. When people feel good about themselves it shows in their work and gives them the motivation to keep going.

What Kind of Award Should Be Given?

Trophies can be given as awards. There are small trophies as well as custom-made trophies that can be engraved with the employee’s name or company logo.

Engraved medals or ribbons.

Custom created plaques fashioned from walnut with brass plates for engraving with a company name or logo. Stamped medallion inserts can also be added to your plaque and are available in gold, silver or bronze. Medallion inserts can also be added to trophies and desk items. Inserts are available in a variety of different subjects that you can choose from.

Heavy brass plates can be engraved with names or logos and can be used to dedicate park benches and other items.

Wooden plaques with images or text directly onto a metal plate is a great way to highlight photographs, newspaper articles or other accomplishments.

Certificates of achievements that can be laminated with high glossy or non-glare finishes. The certificates can also include engraved plates to further personalize.

Awards are also available in acrylic, Lucite, crystal, silver, pewter or brass.

When choosing corporate awards in Arlington VA, go with a company that has a good local reputation. You can get referrals and references from family and friends as well as other businesses who may have given corporate awards of their own.