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by | Aug 1, 2013 | Real Estate

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Many new investors mistake property ownership as an easy avenue to generate extra income and do not fully anticipate the demands that follow purchasing a property.  Complying with housing codes, making repairs and upgrades, and interacting with tenants are all important components of successful landlording.  If you have recently acquired a new property with the intent to place it on the rental market, you may feel overwhelmed by the duties and obligations you are now legally accountable for.  For assistance with keeping their investments safely within local and state guidelines, many owners hire real estate management.  New Hampshire investment managers possess an in-depth understanding of housing codes and the importance of keeping tenants satisfied.

Health and Safety
Housing codes are designed to safeguard the health and safety of a building’s inhabitants.  Tenants are one of the many different groups of people who are protected under housing codes.  Essentially, landlords are responsible for making sure renters have running water, functioning heat in the winter, reliable electricity, working plumbing, etc.  If any of the basic necessities are disregarded, a landlord could face a costly code violation or even a lawsuit.  In addition to providing rudimentary amenities, landlords must also ensure their property poses no threat to their tenants’ well-being. For example, insect, rodent, and mold infestations are both unsanitary and harmful, and an owner is held liable should any injuries or illnesses occur as a result.

Preemptive Action
Real estate management New Hampshire professionals work tirelessly to provide a clean, comfortable environment that more than complies with health and housing regulations.  By remaining up-to-date on inspections, meeting tenant needs, and making fixes swiftly, managers are able to keep their clients’ rental properties secure and operational.  Local investment managers are acquainted with the numerous legal responsibilities landlords must uphold, which includes adhering to housing codes.  Should they notice any flaws or areas of weakness, your property manager will bring the matter to your attention and correct it efficiently and cost-effectively.

Real Property Management is a dedicated firm that works alongside their clients to protect all aspects of their investments.  Contact them for expert advice and guidance.