Sedation Makes It Easier for Nervous Patients to Visit a Dentist

If you are nervous about having dental work on your teeth, then you should request medication or gas during your procedures. Chicago relaxation dentistry is available for patients who are afraid to visit a dentist or who have very sensitive gum tissue. When you have had a bad experience in the past from a dental procedure, you may neglect routine oral health care, and this can lead to having gingivitis or large cavities. In most cases, you will breathe gas through a simple device that is placed over your nose, and you may remain awake, but you will also feel relaxed.

Helping Patients to Relax

Some patients begin to shake uncontrollably during their simple professional teeth cleanings or while a tiny cavity is filled. For these patients, Chicago relaxation dentistry is imperative so that a dentist can work on the teeth and gums correctly. When you have a child who can’t sit still during a tooth repair, sedation is the only option while a dentist removes an impacted tooth or performs other long-term dental work. Sedation is also an option for senior citizens who have dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease that leads to memory loss.

Learn More about the Benefits from Sedation Dentistry

The use of gas or medications for Chicago relaxation dentistry can also prevent some of the other problems that develop when a patient is anxious, including a lack of saliva in the mouth or intense nausea that leads to vomiting. With sedation, a patient becomes calmer, making it easier for the dentist to examine, clean and work on the gums and teeth without a patient clenching her jaw. To learn more about the benefits from sedation dentistry, you can contact Chicago Smile Design at

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