Choosing A Piston Air Compressor

In commercial and industrial types of applications, air compressors often form the backbone of operations, and they have to be dependable, reliable and low maintenance. In addition, they may need to operate on a continuous mode, which means they need to be designed for extreme types of working conditions. Even when used only as needed, they have to provide the pressure and the volume of air required for the given application.

One of the most common types of air compressors used in these critical types of applications is a piston air compressor. Often called the workhorses of the air compressor lines, they are designed to operate even in the most demanding types of applications. These compressors can be used indoors or outdoors in most environments, and they are used in applications where high ambient temperature may be a determining factor.

What to Check

As with any type of system, it is essential to choose a piston air compressor with the capacity to provide the air volume and pressure required. Not all applications require high pressure or volume but incorrectly matching the compressor to the application results in component failures and inefficiency in the operation.

Some of the top models of the piston air compressor are designed for use in applications where an oil-free system is required. Oil-free systems are typically required in sanitary types of processes such as food and beverage production or in the pharmaceutical production industries. There are also compressors that oil-lubricated, and both offer a range of pressures, continuous use or load changes during operation and low maintenance.

It is essential to consider the reputation of the manufacturer when choosing any air compressor type or model. Look for manufacturers with decades in providing commercial and industrial air compressors and a solid reputation for systems that are efficient and long-lasting.

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