Security and luxury: the benefit of automatic gates

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Security

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Automatic gates aren’t just for millionaires. These days they come at an affordable price and can be adorned on much more affordable homes. They are the perfect solution for those concerned about security, and provide an extra level of comfort for drivers parking their car at the end of a long work day.

What are automatic gates for?

The most basic function of automatic gates is controlling vehicular access to a facility – most commonly a person’s home. All vehicles entering these gates must have security access. This can be done either through a manned security booth or an unmanned booth. It can also be done using a special remote possessed by the driver who can operate the gates without ever having to leave his car. If you live in Portsmouth, you can get the automatic gates in Portsmouth to fulfil the same function.

This means only residence of a building who have been given the all clear will be able to go beyond automatic gates. Unlike other types of gates which can be opened by anyone with a pair of hands and a basic level of intelligence, automatic gates are much more discerning in this respect. Often photo ID or even biometric ID is used to secure access through an automatic gate. This all serves to give you added peace of mind.

How do automatic gates work?

There are two parts to an automatic gate – that is the main gate part of the two doors, and the mechanism which controls its function. The gate part can be made of metal or wood or any material of a typical gate, and looks as pretty as you would want it. The mechanism is a system of cogs and pulleys and chains which all work together controlled by an electric switch.

When a person scans their face in a camera, for example, the camera will send the image to a computer which will verify the security pass of the person behind the face. The computer will then “flick” the switch which will operate the gate mechanism to open the gates. Apart from a face scan, you could also use a finger print or retina scan to verify a person’s identity. If you want a cheaper option, you could simply use a remote control or keyboard password to operate the gate. Automatic gates in Portsmouth also have these options.

What are the main types of automatic gates?

There are many different types of gates and you’d be surprised by the options you have when you realise this. When most people think of automatic gates, they think of “swing” gates – those typical gates that swing open, either outwards or inwards, like normal gates. But there are also gates that slide across. These are much more economical for wide gates as they don’t require two separate pieces and can be operated by just one mechanism.