When It Is In Your Best Interest To Hire A Criminal Attorney in Kansas City

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Law

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After being arrested for a crime, many people wonder if they actually need to hire a criminal attorney. As a rule of thumb, it is almost always best to consult with a criminal attorney in Kansas City after being arrested for a crime. This is especially true when the crime you were arrested for occurred in that particular jurisdiction. Whether you were wrongly charged or you know that you did commit the crime, hiring a Kansas City criminal attorney can help ensure that justice will be served. The US justice system has been designed to be complicated for a reason. By implementing a more complex justice system, convicting an individual of a crime is more challenging. Although the number of loopholes and relatively lengthy periods of time before a trial can be seen as a pain by both parties, it serves a noble purpose. By making it difficult to convict a person of a crime beyond reasonable doubt, the justice system does its best to avoid that all procedures are followed properly and that innocent people cannot be haphazardly convicted of crimes.

Many people are afraid to consult with a criminal attorney in Kansas City as they are afraid of being truthful about committing a crime or disclosing other actions that may be frowned upon. After establishing an attorney-client relationship, all people have attorney-client privilege. In short, you can tell your attorney anything. You can admit to committing another crime, you can admit guilt for the crime you were arrested for, etc. and your attorney is obligated to keep the information strictly confidential unless you provide consent at a later date waiving your right to confidentiality. Also, your attorney must do everything possible to help you in your legal proceedings.

For example, a criminal attorney in Kansas City typically will have a number of options when defending a client that appears guilty. A skilled criminal attorney can attempt to prove that your arrest was unconstitutional and proper procedures were not followed by law enforcement. A criminal attorney can also make an argument that casts reasonable doubt on your guilt. There are many “what if” scenarios that can sway a jury’s decision. In addition, hiring a criminal attorney can help you throughout the entire process. Often, court-appointed attorneys are swamped with outrageous caseloads. When hiring a criminal attorney, you will have more options and often more consultation. In short, it is almost always in your best interest to hire a criminal attorney after being charged with a crime. You will have more assistance during a trying time as well as a better chance of having a favorable outcome whether or not your case goes to trial.