Review the Child Support Law in Marion, IA with an Experienced Attorney

In Iowa, the law requires that both of the parents in a divorce settlement support their children. When the support payments are calculated, both of the parents are obligated to provide for their children’s’ well-being in the form of medial and financial support. The court also accounts for the need that children remain close with both parents.

Enforcing the Payment

According to the child support law in Marion, IA, the parent who receives the child support is known as the receiving parent. The parent who pays the support is called the paying parent. Whether you plan to divorce or you and your partner were never married, you need to obtain a child support order to enforce the payment. In the state of Iowa, a child support order is calculated according to a mathematical formula supported by child support guidelines.

Calculating Support

The estimator tools that are used for determining child support require certain details. For instance, the child support law stipulates that both parents’ salaries need to be input and that the child custody arrangement should be clearly outlined. To determine support, you need to calculate both the gross and net incomes. The gross income includes a person’s salary, wages, commissions, and bonuses from his or her employer.

Setting up Payments

If you are unemployed, the child support law still permits the receipt of child support through workers’ compensation, disability benefits, or unemployment. Income can also be imputed by the court. This means that an amount can be assigned to a parent who does not work or who works less voluntarily. For instance, if a parent is disabled, he or she is not obligated to pay the additional income.

Who to Contact

Once the gross income is determined for both parents, deductions can be made to figure the net income amounts. The net income is the gross wages minus the federal and state taxes. Deductions also include social security and Medicare. You can receive more information about the process by contacting a law firm such as JACOBSEN, JOHNSON & WIEZOREK PLC online. You can also stop in at the firm’s brick-and-mortar address. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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