Auto Body Car Repair in Omaha, NE Resolves a Variety of Issues After a Rear-End Collision

Some automotive garages provide both mechanical and auto body Car Repair in Omaha NE, providing extra convenience to customers who want both types of service. A fender bender in which one driver rear-ends the car in front can cause significant damage. The driver who caused the accident may need to have the hood replaced and might even need to have the radiator replaced, depending on the strength of the impact.

Types of Repair

Aside from hood replacement, what types of bodywork Car Repair in Omaha NE are commonly required after a collision like this? Bumpers often must be replaced and dents removed. The trunk lid may require replacement. Scraped areas must have fresh paint for cosmetic purposes and to prevent rust from developing. Headlights and taillights may have been broken. The frame may need to be straightened. If damage to the frame is too severe, repair work may be impossible and the car will be considered a total loss.

Cost Estimates

A basic estimate of body damage can sometimes be provided with a description of the issues and some photos. However, hidden damage often is uncovered when parts are removed, so customers must keep that in mind. Many vehicle owners have collision coverage so they only have to pay the deductible on the total amount.

Taking Action

Little children learn early on that they can’t fix a scrape or dent on a bike or wagon by putting a bandage on it and waiting for it to heal. Adults could only wish that fixing a car could be that simple. Instead, however, they need an auto body technician to get the vehicle back into good working order and clear up the cosmetic issues.

When a customer picks up his or her car at a facility like Dingman’s Collision Center after the bodywork is complete, it may seem like a miracle that the vehicle looks just as it did before the collision. The customer looks the car over and can’t find any evidence it ever was in a wreck. People who need work done on their cars may Know more about us by checking out the website.

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