Reduce the Incidence of a Boat Trailer Repair in Washington by Scheduling Regular Checks

You can reduce the incidence of a trailer repair when you schedule regular checks of your boat trailer. According to the experts at the website, you should always check the trailer before and during a trip. For example, check the coupler on the trailer to make sure that it fits well over the hitch ball.

Grease the Parts as Needed

You also want to lubricate the tongue jack if it needs grease. Many trailers feature grease-type fitting for the rack and pinion of the trailer. If your trailer has a lock pin featuring a spring-loaded ball, grease this component before traveling. By taking these measures, you won’t have to deal with an unexpected boat trailer repair in Washington at the lake or on the road.

Don’t Bypass Checking the Leaf Springs

Other checks that you should make include the safety chains and leaf springs. For instance, make sure that the safety chains are in good condition and fastened well. Replace the leaf springs if they are heavily corroded, rusted, or cracked. If you don’t make this type of boat trailer repair, the leaf springs can give you a good bit of trouble. Always inspect these parts throughout the boating season.

Make Sure That Everything Is Intact

Always perform an inspection for rusted fasteners, loose bolts or nuts, or any cracks resulting from stress. It is also important to keep the trailer’s tires inflated to prevent a major boat trailer repair or an accident on the highway.

How to Determine the Amount of Air to Add

You can typically find the maximum PSI (pounds per square inch) of air to add on the tire’s sidewall. Before you embark on a boat trip, always check the PSI. If you notice that the PSI is low, take time to inflate the tire. Inflate the tire to the PSI indicated by the rating established by the manufacturer.

Perform regular maintenance checks and you can rest easier about the costs associated with an unexpected boat trailer repair. If you have not done so already, now is a good time to contact a boat trailer company and schedule a tire inspection and preventative maintenance. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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