4 Characteristics of Wellness That Can Be Found in a Riverdale Gym

Wellness has been the goal of medicine since the beginning of time. Its definition has not changed, but the methods for ensuring it have. For 21st-century health and fitness seekers, wellness seems vaguely medical but is described as encompassing four characteristics.

Seeking wellness has become the keyword of life today. The total health of a person is considered instead of just the anecdotal. Most physical trainers who work in a gym near Riverdale, NJ, will focus on the whole individual, including the four characteristics outlined below.

1. The Physical

The physical characteristic of wellness includes proper nutrition, restful sleep, exercise at home or in a gym, cessation of smoking, drug, and alcohol use, catching an illness before it takes hold, and the development of healthy lifestyle habits.

2. The Emotional

Emotional wellness embraces stress control or alleviation, time management, emotional support, mindfulness, self-esteem, love, happiness, optimism, and sharing your emotions. The emotional aspect of wellness often stems from the physical when it gives us happy hormones called endorphins. As the body improves, so do the emotions.

3. The Environment

The environment affects us in many ways. When we recycle, conserve power and water, use natural instead of chemical products, and minimize harmful effects on the earth, we live with clean water, clean air, and a revitalized earth. These, in turn, give us stronger emotional and physical relationships with ourselves, other people, and the environment.

4. The Social

From birth, we are taught to interact with others in our family, at school, and in other social settings. We are taught to embrace our special gifts while learning to successfully get along with other people. We should have a healthy attitude toward learning, work, play, and any other circumstances that include people.

At a gym near Riverdale, NJ, we are surrounded by those like us — people seeking wellness in all its characteristics. We can help and learn from each other every day. To get started on your path toward wellness, contact Advanced Fitness & Wellness by visiting online today to learn more.

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