Reasons to Try Holistic Medical Services for Your Pet

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Animal Health

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Although many people have heard of holistic medical services for humans, some individuals aren’t aware that they’re also available for animals. Keep reading to find out a few reasons why they might be good to pursue for your pet.


The Pet is Not Responding to Traditional Medical Treatments


It’s common for pet owners to research holistic interventions if an animal is not responding well, or at all, to conventional treatments offered by vet clinics. Holistic medical services range from acupuncture to stem cell therapy. Facilities offering that type of care can also help you learn about how herbal remedies and food therapy might be beneficial in your pet’s case. Ideally, the information you learn could help your pet enjoy better health at all stages of life.


You Want to Treat the Root Causes


Conventional veterinarians usually focus on treating the symptoms a pet is experiencing, rather than looking at the underlying reasons for why an ailment is occurring. However, when a holistic vet examines your pet carefully to uncover the root causes for troublesome symptoms, it can allow the animal to live a more enjoyable life and give you more peace of mind.


You’d Prefer to Avoid Drugs


Facilities that offer holistic medical services are also usually great resources for pet owners who are trying to avoid treating their animals with drugs that may include harsh side effects. You can feel caught in the middle of a dilemma if an intervention recommended by a vet treats the problem, but also causes your pet to suffer debilitating complications.


It’s worthwhile to talk to the veterinarian about what treatments your pet has received in the past, as well as the associated effects of those interventions. After getting that information, the specialist should be better able to suggest strategies that could help your pet feel better, and don’t involve administering harsh drugs.


A Friend Has Recommended Holistic Medical Services


If someone you know has suggested going to a holistic vet, that recommendation could go a long way in helping your pet enjoy better health throughout life. Many people are hesitant to try new things unless a trustworthy person brings them up.


Holistic pet care is becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. If you’re curious about its benefits, keep the details above in mind and contact a provider in your area.


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