Have a Toothache? Your Local Family Dentist in Bloomfield NJ Could Help!

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Dentistry

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At one point or another everyone has had a toothache. It is pain that begins suddenly or starts as a dull ache and gradually increases until you can no longer endure the agony. Even though we have all gone through it, the origins might not have been the same. If you are experiencing dental pain, you need to visit www.doctoaldo.com -; because it won’t. When teeth start hurting it is due to a specific reason. See your family dentist in Bloomfield NJ for a consultation visit.


Common causes of dental pain
1. Sensitivity: This sharp, sharp pain is usually of short duration. In fact, most pain comes and goes, lasting only a few seconds per episode. The painful episode is triggered by cold drinks or foods, especially those high in sugar. Ice cream, ice water, sweets, chocolates, tomato vinegar, fruity yogurt, etc., can also contribute to dental sensitivity. Breathing cold air in through the mouth may also trigger pain.


2. Pericoronitis: This inflammation of the gums happens around the third molar (wisdom tooth). It is a condition that reacts painfully when chewing. It usually affects the lower third molar, more so than the upper. The pain also occurs when brushing your teeth or touching the gum. The gingiva appears red and is usually seen lacerated. There may also be a slight fever and bleeding gums.


3. Acute: There are many possible causes for this type of pain and the symptoms are varied. Pain from cold, heat, sweets, biting and chewing are just a few. The probable causes are: pulpitis, or an inflammatory process that has invaded the root of the tooth. An abscess at the tip of the root could also be the issue.


4. Fistula: This condition occurs as a result of acute pain without treatment. The initial inflammation goes through several stages to form a fistula at the root. If you press on the fistula, pus will exit and pain will decrease with decreasing pressure. If the inflammation is in the pulp, it can affect the nerve and the pain will become very intense. In these cases, a consultation with your family dentist in Bloomfield NJ is essential.


Dental pain is something that should not be ignored. There are some instances where you can take OTC analgesics to curb the pain until you see a dentist. For more information, contact the office of Philip E Toaldo DDS PA today.