Reasons to Call an Air Conditioning Service in Peachtree City

While the heating and cooling system has always worked efficiently, the day will come when some type of repair is needed. In most cases, there are warning signs that indicate the system could use some help. Here are some examples of events that let the homeowner know the time is approaching to call an Air Conditioning Service in Peachtree City and arrange for a visit.

The House Smells Musty

Even though the filters are replaced regularly, and the home is basically clean, the air has taken on a decidedly musty scent. This could mean that something is building up in the duct work. By having a professional from the Air Conditioning Service in Peachtree City check the ducts, it will be possible to determine if the scent is the result of mold or other contaminants trapped in the system. If so, it will be easy enough for the professional to flush the ducts and restore the flow of clean air.

Hot Spots in the Home

Lately, the homeowner notices that a few places in the house are noticeably warmer than others. Since this was not true in the past, it pays to find out what is happening. Chances are that the system needs some type of minor repair in order to once again cool the home in a uniform manner.

The Power Bill is Increasing

While the weather is much like it has been in the past, the power bill is increasing from one month to the next. The rates are the same, but the usage is up significantly. Unless the family is using more power in other areas of the house, the problem could be that the air conditioning unit is running more often. A quick check may show that a component is worn out and needs to be replaced. Once the repair is made, the unit will once again work more efficiently, and the power bill will return to normal.

For homeowners who think that something is not quite right with the cooling system, contact the team at Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company today. After a quick inspection, the professional with the Air Conditioning Service in Peachtree City will know the origin of the problem and can have it resolved in no time.

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