Outbuilding Options from Town & Country Builders Inc

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Business

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Outbuildings are separated from the main building but associated with the function of the main building. Examples include sheds, equipment storage buildings on the property of a construction company, a horse arena near the stables, and a temporary classroom while a school is being renovated. They are available in many sizes and materials.

Other Uses

Temporary offices or control centers are set up on-site at large project locations, such as the construction of a hospital, office buildings, or new apartment complex. A metal outbuilding is ideal for storing a boat or recreational vehicle on the property. It will protect the investment and prolong the life of the vehicle.

Some stores, homes, and restaurants are constructed as outbuildings. While they may not be technically outbuildings, they are metal structures that can be added to the property. Farmers, for example, will often have a small store on the property to sell produce. A barn that is converted into a restaurant would still be considered an outbuilding.


Experienced companies that specialize in outbuildings, such as Town & Country Builders Inc, offer a wide range of possibilities. Steel, stick frame, post frame construction, and bolted truss buildings can be designed and built on-site in any size. The high-quality is what separates constructed metal buildings from prefabricated ones that can be found online and at most home improvement stores.

Buildings made in a factory tend to be lightweight, cheap, and not designed to last. They are susceptible to strong winds, may warp in extreme temperatures, and rust quickly. Thicker materials, hand made trusses, and strong steel bolts will withstand the elements better and be more rust resistant. Both materials and labor are guaranteed when constructed by Town & Country Builders Inc.


Metal outbuildings are much more cost-effective than wooden ones. The average pricing can be as little as one-third the cost of the same sized building constructed of woods. Labor costs are lower because it takes less time to finish a metal building.

Those who are interested in learning the differences between materials, having an outbuilding custom designed, or getting a project estimate can Contact Town & Country Builders Inc. Professionals can provide selection assistance, answer questions, and schedule the on-site construction of your new outbuilding.