Must-Have Gymnastics Home Equipment

To be successful at any sport takes a lot of practice. Beginners and advanced gymnasts need to have the right equipment for home workouts. Practicing at home helps improve skills faster. Where should you start? Here are the must-haves for gymnastics home equipment.

Balance Beam

A balance beam is essential for beginner gymnasts who need to work on improving their balance. Intermediate gymnasts can also use it to practice handstands and cartwheels. Even advanced gymnasts can use a balance beam for practicing beam splits, walkovers, and their beam routines.

Floor Mats

Most flooring types don’t provide a lot of cushion, so having mats at home is essential. Gymnasts need extra cushioning for tumbling and falls without worrying about getting bruises. Mats are great for beginners practicing tumbling moves like rolls, walkovers, cartwheels, and handstands.

Handstand Mat

There are many types of mats to consider, but the handstand mat is worth mentioning. It is designed to help practice handstands against a door. However, you can use the lightweight mat on the ground too.


Gymnastics home equipment should include a mini bar for strength training and improving performance. Beginning gymnasts can play on them while learning the basics, while advanced athletes can use them for strength training.


You’ll want to add a few accessories to your gymnastics home equipment for complete workouts. A pull-up bar and varying-sized fitness balls are ideal for toning muscles. Hand glove weights are also essential for gymnasts. Exercise bands help build muscle strength and improve flexibility and range of motion.

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