Affordable Phone Services for Low-Income Families in Missouri

Millions of Americans are without phone services because they cannot afford them. Many of these citizens use government programs to support themselves. These individuals may face emergencies where they must contact authorities or medical services. With a free government smartphone in Missouri, these residents aren’t cut off from the outside world.

Income-Based Phone Services

Service providers ask for details about your income to establish if you are eligible for a free government smartphone Missouri. Your household size and income play a role in determining if you qualify. For example, a household of two people cannot have an annual income of more than $28,700 and qualify for services. In addition, income eligibility requirements determine if you can get free services or discounts for paid services.

Eligibility Through Government Programs

These phone service plans are available to anyone participating in government-based programs, including SSI, SNAP, WIC, and TANF. To qualify, the applicant provides information about these government benefits, such as their case number, Social Security number, or other details. Veterans and surviving spouses and families of veterans who receive benefits through Veterans Affairs qualify for the programs, but these recipients must provide details about how much they receive annually.

What You Get With Phone Services

Smartphone plans include talk, text, and data for recipients. In addition, the service provider offers a website for refilling the phone if the user must pay any service fees. You can find more details about the plans and eligibility through the service provider’s website.

Income-based smartphone services help many people get phone services they can afford and stay in contact with their families and friends. In addition, local programs help residents get these services if they qualify according to the current eligibility requirements. Contact SafetyNet Wireless to learn more about government phone services or visit

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