Listening to Live Music Can Have Positive Effects on Your Health

Researchers have released studies that suggest listening to live music can help reduce the level of stress hormones like cortisol in the human body. Over the past ten years there have been a wide range of studies that show how listening to music and even singing along can have a positive effect on our emotional and physical well being. While the effects of music have been studied in depth it is only recently that these studies have included the added effects that live performances provide to their audiences. This is a great excuse to finally purchase tickets to live shows, or even music festivals in your area.

Attending Live Performances Help Lower Stress by Helping the Audience Live in the Moment

While the studies performed are more typically associated with classical and instrumental music, Jazz is a wonderful alternative for those who find classical music just a little bit boring. This is because jazz is often accompanied by a wide range of instruments, and is quite upbeat. Effectively making you want to move or tap your feet along with the music. This type of engagement creates a sort of healthy escapism to the audience, allowing them to forget their day to day worries and live in the current moment.

Studies Suggest Listening to Live Music Could Be Universally Healing

While the effect of live music on individuals was a somewhat small study, it did not take into consideration certain biological factors with their subjects. Nor did it take into consideration their personal musical ability, yet after one hour of live music all of the volunteers universally experienced a decrease in stress hormones. As with any type of research, many more studies will need to be completed but in the meantime why not make it a point to attend a live show? If you are looking for live performances in Los Angeles consider female jazz vocalist – Sylvia Brooks. Check out her website for a look at all her upcoming shows, or grab yourself a copy of an album or two.

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