Light Up the World with Comedy – The Blueprint for Big Laughs

Comedy is an art that brings joy to the world. Put your best foot forward and discover what it takes to wow a crowd with a memorable comedic performance.

Master the Delivery

The best comedic actors are never stiff when they perform. They always move around on a stage because it helps them deliver their lines with a bigger impact. For example, if you’re going to tell a joke about a hamburger, you should use different expressions that represent the essence of the joke. If the joke is about the phases of hunger, act like you’re starving until you deliver the punchline.

Develop Your Physical Comedy Skills

Your actions can elevate your jokes in a profound way. If you’re telling a sophisticated joke, use funny facial cues to indicate when it’s time to laugh during the act.

Build Up Your Energy and Maintain It

Energy is a powerful tool for a comedic actor. This is why many comedians warm up before they entertain their audiences. If you ever feel sluggish before a performance, you can warm up by

  • Jogging in place
  • Doing jumping jacks
  • Walking around the area backstage

Hone Your Skills with an Acting Coach in Los Angeles, CA

Comedy is about all fun, and to have fun, you must take risks. If you work with an acting coach in Los Angeles, CA, you’ll learn valuable lessons that can help you during your comedy career. To get started, contact Bernard Hiller’s Acting Classes and Success Studio.

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