Learn About the BVA’s Mission

People that served in the military dedicated their lives to keeping our country safe. Therefore, it is important that we, as a society, take care of them in their time of need. One way of doing this is to support the Blinded Veterans Association which helps a special group of heroes. See how the BVA helps these veterans to live their lives in comfort, and with dignity.

The History of the BVA

The BVA actually started towards the latter half of World War II. Several young men got together to create this group to help those blinded while in service. Over a decade later, Congress gave the BVA a charter to assist in creating legislation for blind veterans. The BVA continues to serve today and has largely expanded its services for blind veterans. Nowadays, it’s a widely recognized organization that works closely with the government to ensure that the needs of blind veterans are met.

Nationwide Assistance

The BVA makes it easy for blind veterans to get help. For one, it centralizes a number of different veteran’s affairs services into one agency. It is easy for veterans to start getting help by contacting the BVA via telephone. Services are available all throughout the United States. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where the veteran resides. The BVA will help every veteran who suffers from blindness to find appropriate services in their home area.

The BVA’s Work with Congress

To this day, the BVA continues to assist in creating legislation that helps blind veterans. In 2019, the BVA was very active in this regard. For one, the BVA advocated to change grant qualifications for government-sponsored housing. This was an issue that directly affected blind veterans. The agency was also active in numerous other legislative efforts to enhance veterans’ affairs services.

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