Know Your Legal Compensation Rights Under Missouri Lemon Law Statutes

There are times when a consumer will buy a new car thinking that it is in good shape both from the body standpoint and the engine itself, but the car may be hiding some pretty serious troubles. Some car dealers and private owners attempt to sell these cars without divulging what they know about its problems. This is illegal. Know what your legal compensation rights are under Missouri Lemon Law statutes.

You Could Get Adequate Compensation for a Defective Vehicle

Even if the car was looking good on the lot, the new owner may still be entitled to compensation benefits if the car is found to have substantial issues that should have been known by the previous owner or dealer. More consumers are getting substantial compensation for a defective vehicle that they have recently bought unaware of the underlying issues. Talk with a Missouri area lawyer who is familiar with the Lemon Laws in the state.

How Bad Does a Car Problem Have to Be Before Lemon Laws Go Into Effect?

There are strict rules for going through the process of getting reimbursed for a Lemon Law vehicle. Not every problem will be subject to the Lemon Law statutes. It is important to talk with a knowledgeable attorney to determine if your situation could possibly fall under Missouri Lemon Laws. Missouri currently only has Lemon Laws for brand new vehicles and not used ones.

Get Legal Advice Regarding Lemon Laws

Contact Lemon Law America for details.

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