Helpful Tips For Ongoing Termite Control In Sydney

There are many different types of pests found in Sydney and the surrounding areas. One of the worst for homeowners to discover is a problem with termites. Thankfully there are several different options for getting rid of these insects and providing long-term termite control for your home.

Immediate Treatment of Current Termite Problem

The most important thing to remember is that termites can be in the home and virtually undetectable by the homeowner. Termites live in and consume the wood and cellulose materials, leaving a thin layer of wood that covers up the internal damage.

Depending on the species, if you see tunnels, fecal material, or damage to the home, the damage is already occurring to wood and cellulose materials in the house. Immediate inspection of the property and termite treatment customized to your Sydney home and termite species present is a priority.

After the elimination of the current colony, there are some termite control measures that will help reduce the risk of future termite problems:

  • Chemical soil treatments – these act as a barrier around the foundation of the home or under the home to prevent termite access
  • Reduced soil moisture around the home – reducing soil moisture, especially against the walls, base, and subfloor of the home, limits termite activity.
  • Remove any wood mulch or wood to soil contact – remove any wood that is touching the soil, including wood landscaping mulch or timbers or railway sleepers used in landscaping

An important part of termite control is to avoid disturbing any areas where termites are noted. Instead, call in a pest control service to eradicate the insects before they move.

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