Is There A Difference In Pup Joints For Texas Drilling Services?

On drilling rigs across Texas, there are standard types of pipes, fittings, and components used in any oil field location. There are also a lot of suppliers of these materials in Texas, and there is an increasing number of suppliers from out of the state and even out of the country offering parts and components for all aspects of the oil and gas industry through online sales.

When it comes to buying pipe and pipe components for drilling rigs, some of the most essential components to have on hand are pup joints. These short, non-standard lengths of tubing are designed to allow for easy adjustment of the total distance of the tubular string to ensure the specific length requirements for the job.

It is important to keep in mind there are both casing and tubing pup joints on the market, and these components can be found in a wide variety of different options in connections and in specific types of materials.

What to Consider

There are differences in pup joints from various suppliers. They can be found in seamless or perforated styles, and both of these options should meet API (American Petroleum Institute) standards.

In some types of applications, the standard API joints may not the ideal option. There are some manufacturers providing these types of components out of exotic alloys, but these are rarely required in the oil field industries.

The typical grades for the parts for tubing specifications include J-55, N-80, L-80, and P-110. Depending on the type of pup joint, specifically between the seamless and perforated options, they can be found in standard diameters and in two-foot increments from 2 to 12 feet for seamless and 2 to 6 feet for perforated. Both of these types of pup joint designs also offer a three-foot length.

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