Advantages In Choosing Precision Pulley Components For Texas Businesses

There are some brands that come to symbolize the gold standard in the parts and components they produce. A great example of a company that standard for durable, reliable, and long-lasting parts and components is Precision Pulley. Specializing in industrial conveyor system pulleys and idlers, the company also make a range of other components as well.

All of the pulleys, idlers, bearings, and sanitary system components are produced by the company in their own plants. With the headquarters in Pella, Iowa, the company also has plants and production facilities, warehouses, and distribution and service centers in China, Canada, Mexico, and Peru.

As an American company, Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI) has long been a favorite of Texas businesses, including fabrication, production, and manufacturing services.

Made to Meet or Exceed Standards

Engineers, contractors, and maintenance professionals know that all of the products offered by Precision Pulley are made to meet industry standards in the United States. This is essential for any application, not only for the quality of the parts but also for safety for operators as well as equipment.

In heavy-duty types of applications, including for mining operations, specific standards like CEMA and Mine Duty specifications are always a standard of the pulleys and system components from PPI.


For any type of conveyor system, the pulleys, shaft systems, bearings, frames and other system components offered by PPI are designed to work with standard systems. The company also makes its pulleys with a range of different features, including bushing systems and hubs, to fit with industry-standard components.

In Texas, and across the United States and around the world, companies operating conveyor systems trust the parts and components from PPI. This includes applications in agriculture, forestry, mining, power, contract manufacturing and in package and unit handling systems, plants, and facilities.

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