Is A Workers Compensation Lawyer Always Required?

If you have been injured in your place of employment you might wonder if it will be in your best interest to engage the professional services of a workers compensation lawyer in Anaheim or whether you can deal with the case yourself. The answer to this question depends very much on the circumstances behind the injury, the extent of the injury and the perceived complications.

You can represent your own interests when:

If all of the following are true you can probably get by without the assistance of a lawyer:

  *   Your injury was minor
  *   You missed very little work due to the injury
  *   Your employer is in complete agreement that, yes; you were injured
  *   No pre-existing condition

When you need to hire a lawyer:

Even when it appears that you can handle the situation yourself it never hurts to take advantage of the free consultation that most workers comp lawyers offer. There are situations where you really need to contact a lawyer for guidance and representation:

Employer denies your claim: It is far from a rare occurrence that employers or their insurers simply deny a claim. They know from experience that only a small percentage of those that are denied will take their claim any further, they just accept it and don’t even consider hiring a workers compensation lawyer in Anaheim to appeal.

The proposed settlement is insufficient: If you are not happy with the settlement offer don’t think for a moment that the appeals judge is going to step in on your behalf. Settlements have to be approved by a judge but as long as the offer isn’t patently unfair the judge will usually approve it. If you are unhappy, call a lawyer.

Retaliation: When an employee hires a lawyer and exerts his or her rights, there are many examples of the employer retaliating by terminating employment, cutting working hours, dropping your pay rate, etc. This type of discrimination is a valid reason for hiring a workers compensation lawyer in Anaheim and suing.

The whole idea of workers compensation is to ensure the injured employee gets fair and prompt compensation for any injuries or illnesses that happen in the work place. If you have any doubts that you will be able to get what is rightfully yours, don’t hesitate to call a seasoned workers comp lawyer.

If you are having a difficult time getting fair compensation for a work related injury you need to hire a workers compensation lawyer in Anaheim. For a free evaluation of your case you are invited to contact The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.

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