Eliminate Rodents and Other Pests With Reliable Pest Control in Columbia MD

There are many things that a property owner must worry about, but a pest invasion should not be one of them. Unfortunately, the variety of pests that can infest a home are numerous and include some very tough to eliminate problems such as roaches, ants and rodents. Killing roaches or ants is often a matter of correctly placing baits around the home. However, Pest Control in Columbia MD for a rodent problem is often a lot harder. One reason for this is that small rodents such as the house mouse nest inside the walls. In fact, for every single mouse that the homeowner sees, there will usually be a whole nest living close by.

One problem that a rodent infestation can cause is food contamination. These little mammals have very sharp teeth and they can chew through almost any material during their search for food. The debris that mice and rats leave behind can be a good indication there is a problem. Droppings are another way to know that this pest exists. Eliminating the rodents may not be as simple as placing a trap or two because these animals can be very tricky. As long as an easy source of food exists, the mouse may not even touch the trap. This includes the pet food that people keep available for their beloved animals.

Other pests such as termites can also be difficult to eliminate and are the perfect reason to consider professional Pest Control in Columbia MD. Despite common belief, the termite is not an ant. It is actually a member of the roach family and this is apparent by their choice of food. Termites live on cellulose and this is readily available in many of the construction materials used in homes. There are thousands of termites types all over the world, but the two that are a problem for property owners is the subterranean termite and the drywood termite. These pests get their names from the way they access their food. Subterranean termites need moisture so they create small tubules of soil whenever they move out of the ground. Drywood termites live inside the wood that they consume and leave cavities throughout the timber. Get more details about pest control from the experts at Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc.

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