How to Get Accepted to an Arts Management Program

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Arts and Entertainment

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If you are looking for a school that centers on the arts, then you should research. If you have an undergraduate degree, then you should find a graduate program. If your goal is to learn about the arts from a management perspective, then look for schools that have arts management graduate programs. Keep reading to learn how you should apply for this program.


Before you apply to any school, make sure they offer what you want. Likewise, you must make sure they rank high with the degree you desire. When you find a list of the top art schools, you should proceed to narrow it down more.

You should decide where to study and search those areas. Then you must see what is involved with getting the degree.

Once you complete your research, you should start the application process.

Application Process

Whenever you apply for acceptance to any school, you must read all the school’s guidelines. Most schools need several documents to qualify for admittance. They also want to see your undergraduate transcripts. They also need letters of recommendations. When you send your application, you must make sure you send the correct application fee. A lot of times, the school would like you to write a mission statement expression on why you chose their school. Nowadays, technology allows you to submit some items, such as portfolios.

It is important that you visit the school’s webpage to read everything they need. Never send in your application unless you have all paperwork needed.

Decision on Admittance

Waiting to find out if you get admitted to a school is nerve-wracking. The best schools have a more thorough process.

Once your application gets reviewed, they should contact you for an interview. Make sure you ask what you need to take with you when you interview.

The process is overwhelming, but the education you receive should make it well worth the wait.
If you are looking for a school that offers arts management graduate programs, please visit the School of the Art Institute of Chicago at