How To Find Healthy Chews For Dogs And Avoid Unhealthy Products

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Pets

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As a new dog owner, or a current dog owner looking for a healthy option for your dog, choosing a chew or a bone recognized as a healthy alternative to rawhide is important.

Most of the chew toys in department stores and even in pet stores are made from rawhide. This is a cheap and readily available byproduct of the leather tanning industry and would, in not made into rawhide bones, but waste material. Other popular dog chew options are made from processed wheat gluten and a range of different chemicals and flavorings.

In choosing healthy chews for dogs , a dog owner can take a few minutes and learn more about different options.

Complete a Quick Online Search

The internet makes it easy to do a quick search on the various options in products being marketed as healthy chews for dogs. Look at the ingredients to get a clear picture of the quality of the ingredients and the finished product.

Ideally, look for whole, natural products, such as pork skin, which is baked to remove the majority of the fat. This is very similar to pork rinds or cracklings made for people to enjoy, so you know they are going to be something your dog will love.

Talk to Your Vet

Vets have long warned people about the risk of rawhide chews and dogs. Swallowing rawhide treats or sections can result in choking risks and the potential for digestive blockages.

Any type of dog treat should be carefully selected based on the size of the dog. Treats which are too small can be easily swallowed and pose a risk for any pet.

Consider the Manufacturing Process

Not all pet food and treats are made in well-maintained facilities. For healthy chews for dogs, look for products that are manufactured, packaged, stored and distributed through GFSI facilities.

The certification of GFSI means the facility meets the Global Food Safety Initiative standards, resulting in full compliance with all current standards.