How to Find a Local SEO Expert to Help You Optimize Your Pages

Your site won’t promote or optimize itself. So if you won’t do it, the bots will eventually consign your pages to oblivion. That’s going to effectively cut any chances of you getting the attention and interest of your online target market. Don’t want that to happen? Get help from a professional Local SEO expert in Bridgeport CT. Here’s how to spot reliable consultants over dodgy ones:

Get a list of past clients

A credible consultant or company will have no problem turning over a list of past clients. Call them up and ask for feedback on the company. This is a good time to check if their experience working with the expert or company was a positive one or not.

Ask about their plans

How are they planning to improve on your site? Ask, says Search Engine Land. A pro can take a glance at your pages, assess them for basic requirements and pinpoint which elements seem lacking. However, amateur marketers will try to bluff their way past it, provide you with general plans of action and basically offer you little to zero insight into what’s wrong with your pages and what needs to be done.

Be wary of over-the-top promises

Every credible professional out there knows that organic SEO isn’t an overnight success. You’ll need to put in the effort and time before you see the results of your work. So anyone who promises to make your site number one in just a few short weeks is lying. That or they’re willing to resort to black-hat marketing tactics. Either way isn’t a good bet for you.


SEO is a long-term investment. But the results will more than make up for all the hard work. So to start, find a credible Local SEO expert in Bridgeport CT to help you out.

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