How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning Installation in Lakeland FL

Florida is full of tourists, humidity and air conditioning companies. Air conditioning in Florida is no longer a luxury -; it’s a vital necessity. Choosing just one company as your Air Conditioning Installation in Lakeland, FL can seem like a huge job.


Check for Licenses


In the State of Florida, anyone that works with air conditioners needs to have a current state license. Any HVAC or air conditioning company will display this license number on their business cards or website. You can also check the current license status of a prospective company by surfing over to the State of Florida’s website.


Respects Your Time


A good HVAC company respects your time by getting back to your phone calls or emails in a reasonable amount of time. They should not take days to return a phone call. You might need to get in contact with the company right way if there is a problem with your new air conditioner. You don’t need to wait for days in the sweltering Florida weather during this time. A good HVAC company also arrives to appointments on time or at least phones to let you know if they are running late.


Get Written Estimates


Many HVAC companies offer free estimates, but not all do. It’s more important to get a written, itemized estimate than to get to get a free estimate. A representative of the company needs to come out to your home in order to give you the most accurate estimate. Otherwise, you may be in for a nasty surprise when the final bill is due. It’s good to contact at least three companies so you can compare estimates. They should be similar. If one estimate is remarkably higher or lower than the others, eliminate them from your short list.


Has Clearly Marked Vehicles


It can be frightening to open your door to a stranger, especially if you live alone. It’s best to choose an HVAC company that uses clearly marked vehicles so you know exactly who is coming through your door. Good companies also make their employees wear uniforms or at least a name tag to help you identify them.



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