Facts About Laser Hair Removal in Hawaii

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Hair Removal

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A non-surgical way to remove hair is known as laser hair removal. This procedure is perfect for women or men who want to permanently remove unwanted hair. The laser treatment destroys the hair at the root. It is a much better alternative to waxing or shaving. This type of hair removal can be done on just about any part of your body. Here are some other basic facts about laser hair removal in Hawaii.


Most clients will need this treatment several times in order to receive optimum results. Some clients will respond quicker than others. A lot of this will depend on your skin color, hair color and texture. It also depends on where the hair is being removed from. Most clients will need at least two treatments and the number can go as high as six.


Clients that have red, blonde or gray hair don’t usually experience the visual impact that darker haired clients get. Hair that is coarse and dark on lighter skin will remove easier than darker skin and lighter hair. Lighter hair is harder to target with the laser because ofthe pigmentation.


After laser hair removal in Hawaii your skin may feel as if it is sunburned. This is not usually really dramatic and will fade within a couple of days. If you are out in the sun after treatment, it is recommended you use sunscreen to protect your uncovered skin.


Anyone that can perform laser hair removal is not necessarily licensed. Make sure you visit someone that is experienced and licensed. You will get much better results for your time and money. You should always deal with a licensed professional when having any cosmetic procedure done.


Some clients may feel more pain than others during laser hair removal in Hawaii. This is generally a mild pain and doesn’t require medication for anesthesia or pain relief. The only pain you should feel afterwards is a mild burning sensation.


The best way to determine if laser hair removal is for you is to consult with a cosmetic surgeon or an esthetician. These professionals can give you more information about the procedure and determine if it is for you.