How inpatient drug rehab really works

When someone that is addicted to drugs makes the decision to enter a rehab program they really have two choices; outpatient and inpatient programs.

When the addict chooses inpatient drug rehab in Birmingham AL, he or she is committing to residing in the facility full time; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During this time the patient receives in-depth medical care and various therapeutic programs designed to overcome the addiction and reenter society as a productive member.

The length of stay:

The duration of stay is based on the unique needs of the addict; most are for 30 days however, if the need is there the duration can be up to three months or even longer. The length of stay depends on how severe the addiction is; the physical and mental health of the individual and the nature of the program.

Choosing the right treatment center:

Different treatment centers offer different programs. Some offer programs that focus on specific drugs such as prescription drugs, others may focus on illegal street drugs; still others may deal with alcohol abuse only. There are also many facilities that deal with all forms of substance abuse.

When deciding on Inpatient drug rehab in Birmingham AL many people look at the setting; some addicts prefer a group setting while others prefer one-on-one counseling. There is also a tendency to look at the population; some people prefer to stay with their own gender while others base their decision on age.

Program types:

Inpatient drug rehab in Birmingham AL offer different programs, some are based on the 12 step programs that are most often used by Royal Pines Recovery Center. There are also many holistic programs that focus on the whole being; physical, mental and emotional.

There are also numerous therapy options. Some inpatient drug rehab facilities offer group and individual counseling, some like the family to be involved while others don’t. As drug addiction is often accompanied by psychological and mental issues many programs offer dual diagnosis and treatment, treating the addiction as well as depression and other mental impediments.

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