5 Ways to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve has an effect on various parts of your body and plays a role in your overall health. With some of the everyday things you do, you’re probably not aware what you’re doing can act as a vagus nerve stimulator.

Cold Temperatures

Cold air does something to you; it’s almost like an immediate shock. According to studies, it has been proven when your body is exposed to cold temperatures, this acts as an activator of the vagus nerve. You begin to shiver and you get goose bumps on your body as you experience natural responses to the temperature shift.

The Act of Singing

Singing is more than belting a tune. When you sing, you are using muscles in the back of your throat. Through exercising these muscles, you tap into the vagus nerve.

Performing Yoga

Yoga has a lot of effects on the body. It’s no wonder exercises designed to release tension and anxiety can cause the vagus nerve to become activated.

Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing has a powerful, almost instant, effect on the body. It’s shown when you breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling slowly, this acts as a vagus nerve stimulator. You will begin to feel more relaxed as stress is released.

Having a Good Laugh

It is known laughter is used as one of the best forms of medicine. It can have such an impact on the body your muscles and your stomach begin to hurt after a good laugh. With this kind of effect, it is of no surprise laughter is a vagus nerve stimulator.

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