How Does the Emergency Dentist in Montville Treat an Abcessed Tooth?

In the world of general and Cosmetic Dentistry, there are many reasons people may need to see the Emergency Dentist in Montville. One of the reasons prompt dental care is needed is because of abscesses that occur in the teeth. When this type of infection invades your tooth, it can cause severe pain and can pose a danger to your surrounding teeth and gum tissue. This is why it is imperative you seek dental treatment as soon as possible. Since many dental offices have limited hours, it can be difficult to get in for an appointment when you need one. Through dental offices that offer emergency clinics, you can come in without an appointment and be cared for the same day.


What Is the Treatment for an Abscessed Tooth?


If your tooth has become abscessed and you are in severe pain, you will need dental treatment right away. The type of treatment your dentist will offer you will depend on the degree of infection you are suffering with. In the event of a minor infection, the dentist may simply treat you with a round of strong antibiotics. This can be done through oral medications, while the Emergency Dentist monitors the health of your tooth. Through aggressive antibiotic treatment, abscesses can often be treated, so permanent damage does not occur in the tooth.


If the infection is severe and is affecting the root structure and nerve, you may need a root canal. Through a root canal, the Emergency Dentist in Montville can remove the infection and the diseased inner portions of your tooth. He or she can also remove the nerve, so you no longer experience pain. Using canal files, the dentist will clean out your tooth and then fill the tooth with a filling, so you no longer experience problems with the tooth.


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