Are You Ready To Look Into E Cig Starter Kits?

It was not all that long ago that there was no real alternative to smoking – you either smoked tobacco products like cigars, cigarettes, etc; or you filled a pipe and smoked it; about the only alternative was to stop smoking. Then, somewhat out of the blue, anywhere where you might expect to see smokers; there was someone with a strange plastic device in his (or her) mouth happily puffing away with the rest of them.


What Happened & Why?


The simple answer is that all of those puffing on the devices are not smoking; they are indulging in something known as vaping (the devices are known as e-cigarettes; or e-cigs) and the first patent for a no-tobacco; no-smoke device was actually granted in 1963 for a device that produced a sort of nicotine laced steam. This generated some interest; but, it never caught on and it had disappeared from smoking areas within four years.


It is widely thought that a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik was the first to develop a device that turned into today’s e-cig. In his 2003 prototype, he used something that many smokers are very familiar with; a piezoelectric cell similar to those found in cheap disposable cigarette lighters to ignite the lighter’s gas fuel.


Piezoelectricity is an electric charge that is found (mainly) in certain crystals; when pressure (such as squeezing) is applied to the crystal, an electric charge is generated. Using piezoelectricity in conjunction with ultrasound; Lik was able to vaporize a pressurized jet of propylene glycol containing a nicotine solution – the e-cig was born. The vaporized liquid mix has a smoke like appearance and is of low enough temperature to be inhaled (by a vaper) enabling nicotine to be drawn into the lungs and then enter the bloodstream.


His e-cig was first marketed in China in 2004 as an aid for people quitting smoking; it attracted attention outside of China and exports commenced in 2005 through a company whose Chinese name translates as “Resembling smoking”. They acquired an International Patent in 2007 and, subsequently, Imperial Tobacco Group plc purchased intellectual property rights for US$75 million.


From A Novelty To A Major Seller


Now they are everywhere; from speciality stalls in the mall walkways to online stores devoted to nothing else. If you are a smoker; you must surely be tempted to give e-cigs a try. But, what is the best way for you to start? Suppliers have introduced E Cig Starter Kits to help guide your choices; because there are a number of different designs and types; plus an almost unlimited variety of vaping flavors; you don’t want to be put off the whole concept simply by a bad initial selection. Try one of the E Cig Starter Kits first and fine tune your vaping experience from there.


When you have decided to give vaping a go; the range of E Cig Starter Kits from the on line store of VaporandCo, Inc provides you with everything that you will need; the only addition being your personal section of flavors.

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