Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney In Tuscaloosa

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Lawyer

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A Bankruptcy Attorney in Tuscaloosa understands Alabama bankruptcy laws and how they can benefit you overall. These benefits are offered to individuals who are facing an incredulous amount of debt and business owners who need additional assistance. The law offices of Lewis, Smith, Winter, and Ford understand these needs and can help you file for bankruptcy to become debt-free.


Filing for Bankruptcy in Alabama


To begin this process you must meet with an attorney to determine whether your debts are eligible for this claim. Next you will provide your attorney with vital details related to your debts including account numbers, balances, and your creditor’s names. Your attorney may contact these creditors on your behalf to prevent further collection calls and efforts. This will prevent further late charges and finance fees.


Once your claim is filed in the Tuscaloosa County court, a hearing is scheduled. All of your creditors are allowed to attend this hearing. They must agree for their debt to be included in your claim before the judge can conclude this process. Any refusals are not included in the final draft of your bankruptcy claim. The judge may, however, discharge any debts that are eligible for discharge without the creditor’s permission. Once your bankruptcy hearing is concluded, you are assigned a payment date for your monthly payments.


Local Bankruptcy Attorneys


Lewis, Smith, Winter, and Ford Law Offices are Alabama bankruptcy attorneys who offer effective assistance with filing a claim. These Tuscaloosa County attorneys provide you with invaluable advice related to these claims and how you can achieve complete debt-relief. If you require these services, you should contact this law firm directly at the contact number listed on their website at lswattorneys.com.




Your Bankruptcy Attorney in Tuscaloosa presents you with the vital procedures needed to file an effective bankruptcy claim. These procedures require that you provide your attorney with details related to your debts. By providing this information your Tuscaloosa County attorney can negotiate a settlement with your creditors. Any debts in which a settlement is accepted are included in your bankruptcy claim at the reduced value. To hire an attorney today, contact Lewis Smith, Winter, and Ford Law Offices.