Controlled Storage For Fine Art

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Moving Services

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Fine art, from the moment of completion must be treated responsibly and with extreme care. While the art is on display in the home or museum, the environment in which it hangs is controlled. Many museums and art galleries put their pieces into fine art storage in Los Angeles when they are not on display.

It takes very little to damage a piece or to reduce its value considerably. It is extremely important that storage facilities are temperature and climate controlled and paintings which are in frames must have both the art and the frame taken into consideration. Fine art storage in Los Angeles area ensures that the art will be kept away from light and heat as well as any potential environmental pollutants. If fine art is going to be stored for an extensive period of time it should be kept in steel storage units which are kept under 24 hour surveillance for both unauthorized entry and any potential climate problems that may occur.

Paintings are very susceptible to humidity, the canvas or paper that the painting is done on can easily be attacked by mold and mildew. Mold requires a damp environment to grow so it is important that the humidity be kept in check, but conversely, if the storage climate is to dry, that is problematic as well.

If paintings are going to be in storage for a reasonably short time then leaving them framed is usually not a problem. However, if the art is scheduled to be stored for an indeterminate period, then it should be taken out of the frame. When art is still framed it is exposed to light which can cause it to fade. It is always best to store the unframed art in paper which is acid-free and then put the art in a metal cabinet. The piece should not be rolled, it must be stored flat and two pieces of art must not come into contact with each other.

If paintings are being moved from fine art storage in Los Angeles to a new destination they should first be crated so they ship in a flat position. If the painting is too large to crate for shipment, remove it from the frame and roll it in a tube, but as soon as the shipment arrives, it is important to remove the piece from the tube and lay it flat.

ArtPACK provides museum quality fine art storage in Los Angeles. The facility can accept art for both short and long term storage.