Helpful Tips to Avoid Sketchy Roofing in Kirkland, WA

Homeowners in the Kirkland area find themselves needing to hire roofers all of the time. Whether it’s because the roof needs to be replaced or repaired, the services of a roofing company seem to frequently be in demand by homeowners and business owners alike. However, it’s possible a homeowner may have never had to hire a roofer before. This can generate a lot of questions as to how to hire a proper roofer and what things can be done to avoid some of the unfortunate stories that homeowners have had in the past about employing a less-than-reputable roofing service.


The first thing that a person will want to do when looking for a provider of Roofing in Kirkland WA is to look for a roofer that is been around for a number of years. This longevity often speaks well of how the roofing company does business. This is important because a roofer that has been around for many years is less of a risk of flight than a new roofing company. The last thing the person wants is to pay a great deal of money upfront to a roofing company and have them leave before they do the work or in the middle of the job.

Red Flags

The other way to gauge a quality roofing company is how much money the roofer wants upfront to begin a job. For simple repairs, a roofing company will likely ask for nothing upfront. However, if the entire roof needs to be replaced, which can cost several thousand dollars on average, the roofer may ask for a certain amount of money upfront as either a good-faith payment or to pay for the materials needed to complete the job. If the money being asked for is over 30% of the total estimate, or if the roofing company refuses to take anything but a cash payment, this may be an indication of a company that isn’t aboveboard.

People get in trouble when hiring companies to handle Roofing in Kirkland WA all of the time, but you don’t have to be one of those people. By using a bit of caution, searching out the most reputable roofing services, and paying attention to the smaller details, you can avoid being another story of a person who was taken to the cleaners by an underhanded roofer.

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