WoodWick Fireside Candles

With fall just around the corner, that means that everyone is getting ready for sweater weather, football, and fire pits. For some people fall is the best time of the year. If the weather gets too bad, then you can still get the sparkling embers and crackling wood sound from WoodWick Fireside candle.

The WoodWick Fireside candles have a natural wooden wick. When a wooden wick burns, it creates the sound of crackling wood in a fire pit. The flames on the natural wood wick will appear to dance creating the ambiance of an outdoor fire pit or an indoor fireplace. The flames of the WoodWick Fireside burn clean and leave little residue.

The WoodWick Fireside will burn longer than traditional candles. They will burn until it reaches about half an inch from the bottom. It will then self-extinguish. Of course, users should follow all safety measures for any type of candle.

The signature WoodWick Fireside candles come in a variety of sizes, styles, and fragrances. The jars are available in plain or a more decorative option.

The WoodWick Fireside candles burn for a long time, and the fragrance fills your whole house. These candles are perfect for capturing the essence of a cozy evening by a warm fire.

WoodWick Fireside candles are appealing to many people because of the soft cracking sounds similar to that of a crackling fire in a fireplace. Their unique decor allows them to blend in beautifully with any styled room. Best of all, the candles are available with a variety of scents. The WoodWick Fireside candles come in many different scents. There are special holiday fragrances to delight the senses.

The WoodWick Fireside candles make great gifts for all occasions. Their unique burning process is soothing and relaxing and looks wonderful sitting on any table or mantle.

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