Gender Responsive Treatments, Available in Minneapolis

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Healthcare

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Individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol, and those recovering from addiction, all have had different experiences. No two people are the same and those who on the front-line of treating addiction know and respect the differences. Beyond personal differences, gender-based differences also take a large role. The challenges and the struggles faced by women in Minneapolis are not always the same as those faced by men. Treatment methods are geared towards the needs of each gender.

Separate Approaches to Treatment

Drug or alcohol addiction and the pursuit of recovery are different experiences for men and women. Self-image, relationships, spirituality and more are all perceived and experienced differently. Separating recovery programs by gender makes it is possible to create an environment that is comfortable and non-judgmental. In an environment such as this, meaningful discussion and healing can take place.

Women have a tendency to fear the stigma attached to the admission that they are dealing with substance abuse or mental health issue. Women often turn to addictive substances as a way to deal with trauma or the lack of warm, caring relationships. They do this as a way to fill a void. Men tend to have different reasoning for turning to substance abuse; they may do so to avoid any type of connections.

Making the Most of Treatment

When grouped together, the differences between men and women can keep them from capitalizing on their treatment. Gender-responsive treatment and care recognize this. It allows men and women to focus on issues that are relevant to their gender, their lives, and how they live them. It is far easier to “open up” and be honest while discussing issues of importance; participants feel more comfortable when they are in the midst of others of the same gender, facing similar problems.

Gender-responsive care and treatment are effective. To discuss how this approach can help you overcome unique, gender-based problems, contact River Ridge in Minneapolis. For more information, visit Like us on our facebook page.