FAQs about Deep House Cleaning in West Bloomfield

The idea of deep house cleaning in West Bloomfield may be a new idea to some residents. If you have never worked with a house cleaning service before, it is likely that you have many questions. While the answers to some of these questions may vary with the company that you chose, most house cleaning services abide by certain guidelines.

Should I Be Home During the Cleaning?

The decision as to whether or not to be home is entirely up to you. Most clients of companies offering deep house cleaning in West Bloomfield prefer not to be home. If you are not comfortable having someone in your house while you are not home, be sure you choose a company that offers security. Employees should arrive in uniform. They should also be insured and bonded, to ensure the safety of your home and belongings.

What Should I Do With Pets?

If you have pets in your home, they should be secured in an area that will not be serviced. A cage is ideal; however, if you do not have a cage you can place them in a bedroom. Be sure to notify your maid if your pets are inside of a room. For safety reasons, most cleaning services will not pick up animal feces or work in areas that are heavily populated with fleas.

Are Services Guaranteed?

If you choose a quality company for deep house cleaning in West Bloomfield, they should offer a guarantee. This guarantee should include either a refund of money, or a complimentary return visit to re-clean the area that does not meet your standards.

Should I Provide Cleaning Products?

No, you should not provide cleaning products or tools. Companies offering deep house cleaning in West Bloomfield come with their own products. If you have chosen a quality company, they should use their own Green Seal approved cleaning products.

What are Green Seal Products?

Green Seal products are cleaning chemicals that are approved for use by the Green Seal Corporation. These products are guaranteed to have a lesser environmental impact than harsh, chemical cleaning solutions. They are also considered to be overall safer, for you, your pets, and those that interact with the surfaces in your home.

Why Are Green Products Important?

There are two reasons that green products are preferred. First, they have less of an environmental impact than chemical cleaning solutions. They are made of biodegradable ingredients that do not release toxic fumes into the air. They are also safer. Cleaning products can leave a residue on the surfaces of your home. These toxic chemicals can be absorbed through your skin. Green products are not made with toxic chemicals and safer for the members of your family. For this reason, seek out a company that offers deep house cleaning in West Bloomfield that uses green cleaning products.

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