Three Key SEO Drivers for the Future

by | Jan 29, 2015 | Business

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Are you finding that your site is slipping down the search engine rankings and you can’t figure out why? Is your traffic falling despite your products or services remaining the same? Are you seeing competitors gaining an unwelcome advantage in the marketplace? If your business isn’t in the first couple of pages following an online search, it’s unlikely to be found by potential new clients. The world of online marketing moves swiftly, meaning that strategies and content which worked well a couple of years ago won’t be sufficient to enable your organization to keep pace today. Have a look at these recent trends which are having a significant impact on a site’s attractiveness to search engines.


The rise in mobile phone use for online activity
Figures suggest that over half of Americans use an internet enabled phone to access sites of interest, with this number rising rapidly as time goes on. As a phone screen is inevitably smaller than that of a tablet or laptop, sites need to be designed to accommodate this. It is widely recognized that Google is putting increased emphasis on mobile-friendly content, both in terms of the style and layout of a site and the nature of the content. Mobile users search in a distinct way compared to computer users, performing searches at different times of day and typically using more truncated search terms. Ensuring your site is suitable for mobile users is a complex process, so many businesses enlist the help of search engine optimization professionals to get the job done.


Content, not keywords
Ask any search engine optimization (SEO) expert and they will tell you that the days when filling your site with sub-standard content interspersed with relevant keywords are long gone. The increasing sophistication of Google algorithms mean that premium, relevant and regularly updated content is vital to boosting your ranking position. Writing which incorporates the use of indirect links (where a company or product is named, but not linked) and the need for content to have value for the reader means that content marketing and SEO are becoming ever more closely linked.


Social media are critical
Ensuring streamlined connections between all your social media is imperative for rankings success. If ever there was a time when it’s essential that your media is regularly updated, then this is it! It’s not just the caliber of your content, as account activity also appears to play a part in determining search results. Luckily if you’re based in Indiana, a marketing firm which specializes in search engine optimization should be able to devise a suitable strategy for ensuring your social media doesn’t let you down.


As search engine criteria grow more and more complex, there is a greater need for companies to obtain professional assistance in keeping their online presence profitable. If you’re located in Indiana and would like further information on how an online marketing agency could transform your Internet market, locally located A&W Media Marketing provides expert advice on the best techniques to use in order to enhance your share of the virtual market.